Memory foam pillow

Material:  PU FOAM
Item No.:  LY-PUM-6035D Weight:  950g
Dimensions:  50X35X14/9CM Use:  neck massage
Color:  WHITE Origin:  Shenzhen
Other:  Guangdong


What is Memory foam?

Memory foam is an incredibly innovative material used in pillows

and toppers,it has an? open cell construction, which means that the material softens

when it's heated(in contact whith applying and pressure,it was originally designed by NASA

to reduce the cabin pressure at take off!

Choosing your memory foam pillow

Memory Foam moulds to the shape of your head,creatig a sleeping enviroment that's perfect for you.

It reduce the resistance on key pressure points and helps to allevate shoulder and neck aches.

If you're looking for a memory foam pillow,you will already know that the higher the density,the better the quality

so wherever your skin contacts the pillow,the foam gives a little

You really ought to try one of these. No pressure, naturally...hypo-allergenic

Memory foam Pillow

butterfly shape memory polyurethane foam pillow series

High flexibility

Wave-shaped ergonomic design

Memory Foam

Protect the cervical spine


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