Universal Cool Gel 70x140

Material:  T/C fabric and sprecial gel
Item No.:  70x140 Weight:  4.5kg
Dimensions:  70x140cm Use:  Pillow cover, heat-dissipating cushion, car cushion and so on
Color:  Blue/stripe cloth Origin:  Shenzhen,China
Other:  Guangdong


Low radiation, strong elastic,cool gel that can adapt to the body curves;

comply with ergonomic and non slide


Cool pad, life up to 10 years,and last long cooling time.

Energy saving, Environmental health.

Endothermic and heat conduction diffusion -3℃ Cooling Enjoyment

Out cover made from T/C fabric and filled with special gel.Keep you cool at night and will contribute to a good sleep, Reduce perspiration and the possibility of dehydration.

Cool solution for hot flashes or night sweats.

It definitely will keep your electricity down when use it instead of an air conditioner.



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