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New brand promotion memory foam pillow with PU topper (新品牌PU胶片记忆棉枕)

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New brand promotion memory foam pillow with PU topper

Technology is changing life,proffessional PU and Gel products manufacturer

PU Gel Memory foam pillow

High-desity memory foam plus gel piece,make you enjoy a perfect presure relieving in cool feeling.

Helps to stop snoring,eliminates painful pressure point and helpful aid for insomnia sufferes.

The cushion is composed of dense,high quality memory foam to provide you with luxurious comfort

and firm support.Experience the most resful nights sleep of your life,

Revolutionary space-aged visco-elastic Memory foam responds to body heat and pressure conforming to body's contours

and then returns to its original shape

Mildew proof,antibacterial,anti-fungal and no allergenic

Material: belongs to the oil and plasticizer-free polyurethane,

originally used in the medical profession, and safe non-toxic


1,Ergonomic shaped which fits the arch of your neck and protects your spine perfectly

2,memmory function,place your head and neck in the most comfortable positon


1,An effective heat dissipation material, cool touch

2,Odorless,does not contain harmful substances,does not lead to sensitive

3,Through the fire testing ,fire safety

4,The surface no pores,bacteria can not inter the breeding

5,Cloth cover after sanitized to ensure the heath

6,Will not change the hardness due to temperature,it will only slightly affect the temperature of the gel

7,after repeated test is not easy deformation

How to use

Each pillow attached to the woven protective bag(inside cover) and the zipper velour

outcovers summer, sleeping in a blue gel surface,without zipper out cover,just plus pillow bag in winter,pillows plus

zipper pillowcase out cover,plus pillowcases.

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